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Areas of Practice


Small Business Services

For many businesses, the job of tracking the company financial activity can be a dreaded task. We can ease your burden by assuming the task of tracking income and expenses for you. We can prepare your financial records, prepare bank reconciliations and track expense and income information through today's accounting software. We can also assist you with preparation of payroll checks and reporting

Accounting and Auditing

We offer a wide variety of accounting and auditing services. We provide compilations, reviews and audits tailored to meet your needs. We prepare your accounts for year-end or interim financial statements and can assist you with adjusting and closing your books at year-end, making projections, setting budgets and financial forcasting.

Financial Services

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Management Advisory Services

From business concerns such as leasing versus buying equipment to human resource concerns such as hiring personnel, we can help. We can fill the void of the CFO and help you with issues such as cost and volume analysis, pricing considerations, and cash flow analysis.

Tax Services 

Changes in current tax laws require constant awareness of our profession. Our staff is competent and up to date with current tax laws and can prepare all federal and state returns. We prepare tax returns for individuals, S-Corporations, C-Corporations, limited liability partnerships, pension and profit sharing, fiduciary, estate, excise, sales and payroll. We can provide you with year-long tax planning services in order to maximize your tax savings and increase your cash flow. Through current knowledge of the tax law and the client's financial matters we will exercise every tax advantage possible to improve your financial strength. We ensure quality control with the quality and experience of the staff we employ, incorporating tax software diagnostic tools and having each return reviewed by a supervisor or manager as well as a partner.

Estates and Trusts

Proto & Loskey serves a broad base of individuals, families and closely held businesses. Our staff stays current on the ever-changing tax regulations and is prepared to help you devise a plan to preserve the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate. We can offer suggestions to help minimize or defer your tax liability. Among the many areas where we can assist you include:

  • Estate Selection

  • Asset Ownership and Valuation

  • Retirement Planning

  • Lifetime Gifting Programs